Droid Splicer


Custom MerenData TS-Arach series spider droid for compact stealth infiltration & slicing
Modified BLX NV labor droid

Originally built for pest control on farms, the droid’s earliest records were of hunting small varmints on a small farm on an outer rim planet somewhere. The family that owned the droid was not very wealthy and was forced to give up the droid to a crime boss who was shaking them down for protection money.
The crime boss had no use for a pest control droid, but thought up a much better use for it. He had it redesigned to steal secrets from his competitors by another victim of his “protection.”
The engineer rebuilt the droid from the ground up and re-purposed it to be the best slicing infiltration droid in the quadrant. Computer hardware was upgraded significantly to accommodate demanding slicing software, it was re-equipped with: data-probe, short and long range comm-link, comm scrambler, long range and other miscellaneous sensors, data breaker and other slicing tools and program.
(Hackman) was sure he would be killed as soon as the work on the droid was completed. So a fail safe was installed in case just such event would occur. After Hackman’s inevitable execution, the droid’s programming was activated. H4-X gained access to and emptied the accounts of the crime boss and transferred the assets to Hackman’s and all the families that fell victim to the crime boss’s greed. H4-X programming granted him enough self awareness and intelligence, to make his escape. He fled through a trash chute and found his way to a scrap yard. Once there, a perfect vessel was found to ensure he would not be found. He modified and repaired a BLX NV labor droid to working order which allowed the spider droid to disappear.
This scavenged droid, destined for the incinerator and pulled from a scrap heap was the saving grace of H4-X. Its internal compartment was modified to house the H4-X and conceal him from prying eyes and most sensors.
The crime boss with all of his liquid assets taken from him was enraged and vowed revenge on the droid responsible.
Ever since then the inseparable duo have drifted through space, doing odd jobs to keep themselves functioning and done whatever it takes not to fall into the hands of (crime boss).
Eventually they crossed the path of another notorious and even more influential and powerful underworld leader.
During an imperial raid of an outer rim trading hub, believed to be supporting rebel causes, H4-X was forced to stow away on a dilapidated YT model freighter. When it was trying to make its escape from the imperial forces the hyperdrive was damaged and was unable to flee its pursuers. H4-X sprung into action and repaired the damage and interfaced with the main computer to make the jump to lightspeed, saving the ship and her captain, Talon Karrde.
He immediately recognizes the droid but grateful for saving his life, he offers the droid his aid, in allowing H4-X to stay on the ship for as long as he wishes…


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