Twi'lek Politico


Mi’Relena was born to a pleasure slave and was doomed to live the life her mother could afford her. When visiting Force Sensitive Exile and Colonial Marshal William Hickock was on a raid, he discovered Mi’relena’s powers

Using what little money he had saved, purchased her, freed her, and sent her to school. All but bankrupt due to her schooling, the two grew very close. Unable to travel much or afford any hobbies they spent their time playing cards and sharing their dreams. He shared his dreams of having a child and raising him/her, admitting that an adopted one. Her dream was to save the slaves, any and all she could.

Due to the hunting of Force Sensitive beings, William never revealed the nature of her powers to her.

One lazy afternoon playing cards at the saloon, an old enemy burst in: none other than Mi’Relena’s previous owner, roused by some recent law and slaver activity. Unable to react in time, William was shot and killed, dropping his hand of Ace’s and Eights. After a struggle, she was able to wrest a Force Pike from the assailant’s hands and strike vengeance upon him.

William’s last words to her were to follow her dreams: Free the Slaves. He told her where he kept a data-pad he was going to give her later that year after she graduated from the university. After he was buried she mourned, and it burned her up inside. Her distaste of slavers bloomed and her ambition was fueled with hatred instead of compassion.

Finally accessing the data-pad she learned that he had saved up enough money to get her off world on a YT-1300 he had purchased on credit. A ship she would have to earn with hard work and dedication. She was to receive the ship and her first job from his friend Joff.

After a helluva meeting with some associates they were off to seek wealth and power. That first night she sat in her room with the cards that had lain at her father’s feet when he was murdered: Black Ace’s and Eights. She knew what she held, what she would be, and what the right name would be for their ship: The Dead Man’s Hand.


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